History & Culture

Dragon Boat Racing ——  Culture Treasure of China:

Dragon as one of the most revered symbols of the Chinese people, were seen as god rain in Chinese ancient culture. Chinese ancient people believe it could hovers between earth and sky, it looks like having  an antler of deer, ox-head, mouth of Donkey, eyes of prawn , ear of Elephant ,scale of fish , mustache of human , extension bellows of snake , foots of phoenix. 

Dragon Boat culture derive from original requirement inside the tribes ——pacifying the god rain. The most famous story about the Dragon Boating from Qu Yuan, a minister in the service of the Chu Emperor at Spring and Autumn Period of China. Despairing over corruption at court, Qu threw himself into a river. Qu was deeply loved by Chu people when he alive, therefore Chu people throwed Zongzhi into the river by paddling Dragon Boat in order to avoiding his body ate by the fishes in the river ,Chinese Traditional Food).This story totalized  and popularized Dragon boating  Culture . Dragon Boating, product of China Dragon culture, deeply rooted into it. Now , this show  on the vivid dragon scale of boat hull and delicate dragon head and tail. Though 200 years development and Inheritance , modern dragon boating has became an international sport and spread its core sprint “unite as one, help one another”  worldwide.

The modern dragon boat on the ice:

Ice Dragon Boat is an innovation and extension of the traditional dragon boat; it keeps the same technique and competitiveness of traditional dragon boat, and breaks the seasonal limitation of normal dragon boat sport. This is a brand new sport with competitiveness, teamwork spirit, entertainment.

The ice dragon boat equipment performance:

IIDBF has established equipment standard particularly so that ice dragon boat sport could run smoothly. It’s mainly as follows: The bottom of ice dragon boat is connected to a sled with 2 sets of skate blades. The boat is equipped with steering and brake devices. The ice stick is very safety, neither damaging the ice ground nor hurting people. At the same time, it ensures the touching of the ice ground, rowing and moving the ice stick, which is identical with the actions of river dragon boat.