Frequently Asked Questions
I am an Ice Dragon Boat Athlete
I am searching an Ice Dragon Boat Club.  
Currently, IIDBF clubs in each countries are recruiting members, being in preparation and improvement. As an ice dragon boat fan and athlete, you could send us your suggestion by e-mail us.
I want to use IIDBF official ice stick 

Currently the ice sticks used by IIDBF is Champion Brand. You could contact the nearest agent based on your location.

Race the Dragon Ltd

Unit 25, Hammerley Enterprise Park Anson Road

Horton Heath Southampton Hampshire SO50 7DJ UK

Contact Person: Daniel Windsor

Phone: +44 (0) 2381 780373

Mobile: +44 (0) 7729 447347

E-Mail: info@championdragonboats.co.uk

Website: www.championdragonboats.co.uk


email: info@championdragonboat.eu

phone:+36-70/375-24-75, +36-70/375-24-76, +36-70/330-86-66, +971558720744

Kajak.hu Ltd.

Hungary 1031 Budapest Római part 35-36.

EU VAT No.: HU12996052, reg. No..:01-09-713807

Bank Account: KHB Bank HU1310401983-50515756-75541015

Company: Metro Event, USA (无logo,美国有两家代理机构)

Contact person:Ellen Law


Address:P.O. Box 51, East Hanover, NJ 07936 USA


Mission distribution / dragon boat inc.

Christian Moreau, Canada, T.514-999-9509

Matt Robert, USA, T.514-617-2285

email.: info@missiondistribution.com

web: www.missiondistribution.com

Company: SAVA

Contact person: Angelina Ong

General line: +65 6748 8836

Fax : +65 6748 8443

Mobile : +65 9663 8966)

General emai: enquiries@sava.com.sg / Angelina@sava.com.sg


AusChamp Paddle AllianceABN 15 120 452 486

Blair Gamble

P O Box 53

Aspley, Brisbane, Australia 4034

Skype: blairgbrd

Typhoon8 Limited

4A Sing Teck Factory Building 44 Wong Chuk Hang Road Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

phone: +852 2518-3823

fax: +852 2518-3923



I am searching related events /races information 
All the related events /races information will be on the “calendar” section of our homepage. If you click one particular event /race, you will find its related contact information. We will publish all the information known by us on the calendar section. If you want to know the detailed event information, please contact the event organizer directly.
I am searching tournament information. 
All the information about the international or continental tournaments will be published on IIDBF official website by bulletin. You could also click international or continental tournaments for details on the calendar section. You could find all the documents related to the international or continental tournaments except news because only race location and date is fixed before it starts.
I am an ice stick / ice dragon boat manufacturer
I hope our ice stick / ice dragon boat could be certified by IIDBF 

Catering to the requirement of ice sports, IIDBF has established equipment standard particularly. It’s mainly as follows:

The bottom of ice dragon boat is connected to a sled with 2 sets of skate blades. The boat is equipped with steering and brake devices. It runs straightly with high anti-sideslip capability.

The ice stick is very safe, neither damaging the ice ground nor hurting people. At the same time, it ensures the athlete to complete the touching the ice ground, rowing and moving the ice stick, which is identical with the actions of river dragon boat.

Currently, the ice sticks and ice dragon boat used by IIDBF is Champion Brand, which comply with the sport requirement and standard. If you’d like to get IIDBF accreditation, the aforementioned standards have to be fulfilled seriously.

I am an event organizer
I’d like to add my event to IIDBF calendar 

If you’d like to add your event to our calendar, you could send email to us and provide the event details.

Date:If it were a multi-day event, please specify the start date and end date.

Event:If a website is available, please provide the link. We could learn more information or register and apply for the event on website.

Contact Info:Email and phone number

Address:Host city and country

Event description:Please describe the event that you’d like to organize precisely.

Contact IIDBF 
If you need to directly contact IIDBF, please check “email us” page and send us emails directly.
If you can’t find what you need 
If you can’t find the information that you need, you can check all the links at the bottom of our website. If that information is not on our website, you can also search it on Google.