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IIDBF Attends 2016 SportsAccord Convention and widely Noticed by Attendees

19th April, 2016, hundreds of sports organizations gathered in Lausanne, Switzerland, as a prelude of 2016 SportsAccord Convention.

IIDBF are invited to participate in this convention. We exhibit wonderful photos and videos of International Ice Dragon Boat Series as well as professional equipment of Ice Dragon Boat at the convention. The exhibition has drawn great deal of attention to international sports field. On the convention, Mr. Luo, president of IIDBF had a deep-in talked with management from each international organizations. They discussed the development and vision of ice dragon boat and IIDBF. Luo’s words gained positive feedback of these management.

The development and generation of the Ice dragon boat provides a brand-new field and thought for ice and snow sports fans as well as bringing new experience and fun to them. The development and progress of the IIDBF injects new energy to the ice and snow sports.