2018 IIDBF The International Ice Dragon Boat Series - Budapest, Hungary

On 16th February, 2018, the International Ice Dragon Boat Race Series - Budapest, Hungary organized by the International Ice Dragon Boat Federation caused a continuous sensation in Europe after the wonderful hit in North America.


The event coincides with the Chinese New Year and people are even more passionate about this sport with Chinese traditional culture. With the rhythmic impact sound of paddle and ice and the beautifully splashed ice. The endless sound of drums, hurrah and cheers rang out constantly, the ice dragon boat chased one another, staged a fully fast and furious version of the professional athletics on the ice. The glorious joy brought by the sport became the warmest emotions in the venue,and the event totally ignite the participants' competitive passion in the cold winter.

The event site select the venue beside the ancient castle. In order to achieve a better racing experience and effect, the outdoor artificial ice rinks with the wonderful lighting apparatus was applied, the scene became even cooler and more beautiful, which gave the participants and audience a more dynamic and splendid experience.

With the development and expand of the international ice dragon boat series in recent years, and The First World Ice Dragon Boat Championships in 2018 and the active preparations for the 2019 First World Ice Dragon Boat Club Championships, the ice dragon boat sport, formally taken as a professional competitive sports event, has become more and more popular in the international winter sports circle.

This event had become the annual spotlight moment of the ice dragon boat race as IIDBF's 2017-2018 Lunar New Year celebration event. Currently, the ice dragon boat sport has been vigorously carried out in North America, Europe and Asia. Cities in many countries and regions are actively applying for holding the next International Ice Dragon Boat Series. Russia, France, Hungary and many other countries are willing to apply for the membership countries to the IIDBF, the ice dragon boat sport with Chinese culture are on the way of stepping out to the globe !